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"A jack of all trades, master of none." says the tagline. A quite famous quote, isn't it? Famous, but usually misunderstood. This saying got cut short and originally said: “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” Unlike what our version would lead you to believe, having multiple interests but not being an expert in anything could prove advantageous. And that fits my character extremely well.

Deep down I am sort of an explorer, always keen to find new things to do and to understand, always keen to develop existing. That applies to everything I do. I truly believe that we can act better tomorrow than we did today. So far I have been thrown into the water many times. And so far I have always learned to swim. Learning and improving, in general, is like a fuel. It keeps me going forward, even when not knowing what lies ahead. The typical life of a static stage hater, I guess.

As the opposite of that, there is something steady in my world as well: Back in a day, at high school, I found myself a nice girl (or she found me?). Now, more than three decades later, we can proudly say that we have brought up three great children. This is a great example to prove that change is not an intrinsic value.

I have been an entrepreneur. That for me means hard work whenever there is work to be done, not only during office hours. That is the only way to work, as far as I know. Regardless of working for myself or my employer.

As an entrepreneur, I have also failed. Steve Blank, a Silicon Valley serial-entrepreneur and academician, once told me that they have a certain term for a failed entrepreneur in the Bay Area: Experienced entrepreneur. I guess so. Failing teaches you a lot and helps you grow a thick skin and tolerance of pressure.

I have been measured to be a good problem solver. I have also been measured to be a strategic thinker and good to handle large entireties. I knew those things, but obviously, it was nice to have such an outcome from a psychological test to confirm my feelings.

Due to my natural curiosity, I have been utilizing "new" technology every way. I'm pretty much fluent with different kinds of social platforms, mobile devices, and such, so my kids don’t need to teach me how to run those gadgets. But I can teach them!

About Me: About Me
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