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Modern Apartment Block

Licensed Realtor, also a bit of a Geek

Real estate business seemed... a bit stale to me. However, housing and interior design have always been appealing to me.  Since I already had experience working with consumers, I considered this would be a great opportunity to help people with larger issues. Then, all of a sudden, I found a new player in the field. The company seemed fresh and enthusiastic about bringing new elements and services to the market. A new approach! Thanks to some social media channels and my networks, the door opened and I found myself on a new path.

In general, one of the most appealing things in the real estate business today is the rise of digital marketing. Utilization of a wide range of social media platforms has swept away the stamp-sized ads in newspapers. However, those platforms are like cars: Nice thing to have, but one needs to have the skills to drive it, too. Having a Facebook-site just does not cut it.  

My first year in business went by taking baby steps, but I learned a lot of Finnish residencies, from apartments to family houses and from hundred years old ones to brand new. I also had a good insight into modern marketing but also, witnessed some failures, unfortunately, too. 

As my second year started, I participated, for the first time, in the official exam after spending a huge amount of time with my nose deep in statute books and acquired a formal certificate of a real estate professional. So now I am a LICENSED realtor.

I have always been thrilled about business transitions, and real estate truly is in transition. In addition to actual brokerage, I am also excited to revolutionize the way business is made, to utilize digital environments, and to streamline processes.

REA: About Me
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