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CEO, Founder

As a realtor, I saw a wide range of residencies and learned a lot about citizen’s preferences when it comes to living and housekeeping. However,  I also witnessed serious problems with the customers when they try to decide whether they should buy a new home or keep seeking. Homebuyers are often precarious when reading the financial documents of a housing company, they hesitate to make an offer and if they do, they usually make their offer concentrating only on the price, forgetting a bunch of crucial information and details… 

Homebuyers, in general, are the underdog when it comes to negotiating with the professional real estate agent. They really don’t understand their position, they quite often feel a bit ashamed to make ”silly” questions and they don’t have a clue of what are the sellers/realtors' responsibilities to them. And then they make a decision by heart, not by mind. I often thought that there should be an unbiased professional to support the buyers too, not only to sellers. And then…

Through my networks, I found my partners who had recognized exactly the same problem. So we set up a company to help!

Our service helps both the buyer and the seller, and even realtors to make a good, quick deal. Based on the facts, not feelings. We provide a professional eye to scrutinize the documentation and the apartment/property, coach customers to be well prepared for bank negotiations and help them make reasonable purchase offers, and so on. In other words: We translate real estate.

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